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Lymphoedema Management

Level 1 and 2 Accredited Lymphoedema Therapists at Ramsay Health Plus work with people to reduce their lymphoedema symptoms and in the long term provide people with education and skills to help manage their lymphoedema in their daily life.  People may also undertake a complex intensive therapy program with access to nursing and medical care, in a day program or as an inpatient at a Ramsay Health Care hospital.  Ongoing care is important to ensure lymphoedema symptoms are well controlled.  Therapy may include:


  • Review and prescription of compression garments
  • Provide lymphatic massage and review your self massage techniques
  • Exercise prescription

  • Provide further education where appropriate on skin hygiene to prevent infection

  • And where appropriate you may be referred to dietetics for further advice regarding nutrition and weight management, occupational therapy or  psychology for education on stress management, relaxation and energy conservation.


People who have a chronic medical condition, including lymphoedema and have complex care needs, may be eligible for medicare rebates for certain allied health services on referral from their GP.  Please speak to you GP about a GP Management Plan.

Facilities providing this service: