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Sports Injury Management

Specialist diagnosis of sporting related injuries and the identification of their underlying cause, are key to our successful physiotherapy treatments. Our team take the time to thoroughly investigate the cause of your injury. They will develop an individualised program to get you back to your favourite activities as quickly and safely as possible. Not only will our therapists treat your injury, they’ll provided valuable education and training on injury prevention techniques. These will help you manage any underlying issues that may prevent you from participating in your chosen pursuit.

Our team utilise a wide range of evidence-based techniques to manage your condition. Their innovative approach to your condition may include joint mobilisations, soft-tissue therapy, strength and balance training, dry needling and education.

We also offer screening sessions designed to identify any potential causes of injury, analysing your biomechanics and identifying any potential muscle imbalances. A program will be developed to address these issues, helping reduce your risk of injury in the future.


Facilities providing this service: