Diabetes Education Services

What is Diabetes Education?

Diabetes Education is about assisting people with diabetes (or at risk of diabetes), their families and carers to gain the knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence to manage their condition. Diabetes education assists people with diabetes to know what to do, know how to do it, want to do it, be able to do it, and recognise when to seek further assistance.

Our Credentialled Diabetes Educators (CDEs) are qualified to provide support and education for people with diabetes integrating clinical care, self-management education, skills training and disease specific information to motivate patients to:

  • understand diabetes and make informed lifestyle choices (including dietary changes and safe and effective weight loss),
  • incorporate physical activity into daily life,
  • understand treatment choices and assist with the safe management of these (including medications and insulin),
  • use of glucometers and other monitoring devices,
  • interpret blood glucose levels,
  • management of hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia,
  • initiate and manage safe and effective insulin pump therapy,
  • reduce the risk of complications associated with diabetes.

We work in conjunction with your GP and other specialists (such as Endocrinologist) involved in your diabetes care team to help ensure individualised optimisation of your care. Other Allied Health members of a diabetes care team can include Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) and Accredited Practicing Dietician (APD). These services may also be available at Ramsay Health Plus.

Benefits of Diabetes Education Services


The benefits of diabetes education and optimisation of management can positively affect your overall health and wellbeing.


A Credentialled Diabetes Educator’s priority is to ensure you are in optimal health, with the ultimate goal to reduce the risk of diabetes related complications.

Weight Management

A Credentialled Diabetes Educator can assist with tools and strategies to safely manage weight loss with a long-term solution in mind.

Mental Health

Making positive lifestyle changes and implementing a diabetes management regime that fits better into your lifestyle, as well as the health benefits that come with improved diabetes management has been proven to offer benefits to mental health. Having a support person such as a CDE can help in reducing “diabetes burnout”.

Medication Support

A Credentialled Diabetes Educator can be very involved in ensuring the efficacy of your medication treatment regime, as well as educating you on the safe administration of such medications as insulin.

Improved Lifestyle

Improved diabetes management with glycaemia and HbA1c optimisation will have an effect on improving your overall health and lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

CDEs work closely with people with diabetes to:

  • listen to and understand their priorities, health literacy and needs,
  • tailor education and clinical advice to their situation, their culture and where they are on their diabetes journey,
  • provide in-depth knowledge across all key areas of diabetes care and management,
  • recommend other specialists and allied health professionals (such as dietician and exercise physiologists) where needed.

Both an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)and a Credentialled Diabetes Educator (CDE) are registered health professionals that require a university degree. Both can be very beneficial in assisting you with the management of your diabetes, and they often work collaboratively in doing this.

Generally, an APD will focus on helping you determine the appropriate dietary/nutritional choices and intake to aid in the treatment and management of your diabetes. This can include assisting with weight loss and management.

CDEs look at the broader treatment and management of diabetes, with a focus on working with the patient to learn ways to self-manage their condition based on their individual circumstances. Amongst other services, they can assist with dietary choices, weight loss, blood glucose monitoring, reducing the risk of and managing complications of diabetes, medication management, and managing insulin regimes including education on dose titration and administration.

A diabetes educator (DE) is a medical professional with a health profession university degree and practising experience, who has then undertaken further post-graduate studies to become a DE. A CDE has undertaken even further study and practice commitments to become ‘Credentialled’. Some CDEs have the primary profession of an APD. Some CDE’s at Ramsay Health Plus have the primary professional discipline of Clinical Nurse Specialist, which means they have additional experience in other areas of diabetes management and general nursing.

A CDE is a health professional with specialist knowledge and expertise in the field of diabetes, which is vital for educating people to successfully self-manage their diabetes.

Complementing the clinical and health care support provided by GPs, CDEs provide specialised holistic expertise in diabetes care and management, which is tailored to the person’s individual situation.

A referral is not required to be able to see a CDE. There are a few exceptions to this, where you will need to obtain a referral from your GP prior to attending our clinic. This includes:

  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • CTP (Third Party) Road Accident Claims
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Claims
  • Medicare Claims (e.g. Chronic Disease Management referral). This is highly recommended for all patients with diabetes. Please discuss this option with your GP prior to booking to see a CDE at Ramsay Health Plus.

It is helpful for you to bring as much information about your health history as well as any specific medical or surgical details that relate to your reason for seeing a CDE to your appointment.

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Utilise our experienced Credentialled Diabetes Educators to provide specialised holistic support in diabetes care and management. This includes a focus on education and collaborating with the patient to develop a management plan which is tailored to their individual goals to improve their overall health and optimise their diabetes management. At Ramsay Health Plus (RHP) this includes the management of either pre-diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.