Hydrotherapy Treatment

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a water-based treatment often used in conjunction with other therapies for the gentle relief of pain.

Warm water exercises help strengthen muscles, reduce pain and improve balance and flexibility.

We offer a range of hydrotherapy services, including individual and group sessions. When opting for a hydrotherapy treatment, it’s important to attend an initial assessment with your therapist so they are best able to develop a program that focuses on you achieving your personal goals.

Our hydrotherapy services are accessible for people of all abilities, with hoist access at some pools and specialist facilities available. The pools are maintained at a therapeutic temperature range of 32-34°C and are supervised at all times to ensure ongoing safety.

During your initial session, your physiotherapist will outline a number of stretching, strengthening, core stability and balance exercises that best suit you. Together, you and your treating therapist will determine your goals and how to achieve them by attending individual sessions, group sessions or classes.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy Treatment

Muscle Strength

Hydrotherapy treatment helps build muscle strength in a non- or low- weight bearing capacity.

Low Impact

Water immersion means that the impact is taken off your muscles and joints, creating a low-impact environment for your physical therapy.


Being in water provides a greater ability to stretch and improve flexibility than out of water.

Pain Relief

Hydrotherapy assists with the treatment of pain in muscles and joints.


Research shows that water-based therapies like hydrotherapy release ‘feel good’ hormones (called endorphins) that improve mental and physical health and wellbeing.

Low Risk

Being in the water allows movement without the risk of further injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hydrotherapy is an excellent form of exercise for people who suffer from back pain. 
  • It provides a way to exercise and improve muscle strength, circulation and mobility without the strain or potential for injury of many land-based activities and the warmth and buoyancy of the water can help to relieve pain.
  •  Hydrotherapy, or aquatic therapy, involves exercising in warm water. It can help strengthen muscles, reduce pain and improve balance and flexibility. It’s also a great way to undertake a cardiovascular workout. 
  • Exercising in the water is a safe and low impact alternative when land-based exercise may be limited by pain, disability or other factors (e.g. pregnancy).
  • Hydrotherapy provides a comfortable and supportive environment for the treatment of many conditions where stretching, strengthening and functional retraining is required.
The water temperature in a hydrotherapy pool is usually between 33–36°C, which is much warmer than a typical swimming pool.

In Australia, a referral is not required to be able to attend hydrotherapy run by an allied health professional, although it is often helpful for you to bring as much information about your health history as well as any specific medical or surgical details that relate to your reason for attending. There are a few exceptions to this, where you will need to obtain a referral from your GP prior to attending our clinic. This includes:

  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • CTP (Third Party) Road Accident Claims
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Claims
  • Medicare Claims (e.g. Chronic Disease Management referral)

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