Speech Pathology Services

What is Speech Pathology?

Speech pathology is the diagnosis and treatment of speech, language, literacy, voice and swallowing problems.

These problems may be chronic, such as, stuttering or result from illness, injury, disease or ageing.

Benefits of Speech Pathology Services

Quality of life

Eating, drinking and communicating are important for everyday living. Speech pathology can help bring about improvements in these areas for quality of life.

Improved communication

If you have difficulty reading or understanding others, or expressing yourself with words or writing, a speech pathologist can help improve your communication function and allow you to be a more effective communicator.

Safer eating and drinking

A speech pathologist can evaluate and guide the rehabilitation of swallowing difficulties that may occur as a result of illness, surgery or ageing; making mealtimes more enjoyable.

Good voice care

A speech pathologist can help you to take care of your voice; for improved volume and pitch, prevention of vocal strain and voice loss, forming good vocal habits to ensure optimal voice quality.

Social skills

Whether you are stuttering, have reduced voice clarity or have a distinct accent, a speech pathologist can help you to be more easily understood by others.

Cognitive Development

Improved speech and communication are closely tied to better cognitive development and comprehension skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

A speech pathologist can diagnose disorders of swallowing, speech, language, voice, and reading and writing. They often work closely with other health professionals to ensure the best outcome for each individual.

At Ramsay Health Plus our speech pathologists offer the following services for adult clients, please note services may differ per location:

  • Swallow assessment
  • Videofluoroscopy: a specialized x-ray swallow assessment
  • Swallow rehabilitation
  • Saliva management
  • Assessment and treatment of communication, including;
    • Speech clarity and intelligibility
    • Understanding and use of speech and language
    • Fluency and stuttering
    • Voice quality and care
    • Reading and writing skills

In Australia, a referral is not required to be able to see an allied health professional such as a speech pathologist, although it is often helpful for you to bring as much information about your health history as well as any specific medical or surgical details that relate to your reason for seeing a speech pathologist. There are a few exceptions to this, where you will need to obtain a referral from your GP prior to attending our clinic. This includes:

  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • CTP (Third Party) Road Accident Claims
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Claims
  • Medicare Claims (e.g. Chronic Disease Management referral)

A referral is also required from your GP or Specialist if they are requesting the speech pathologist to conduct a Videofluoroscopy

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