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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists enable people to participate in occupations (activities) of everyday life. They promote health, well-being and independence by enabling people to participate in these occupations to the best of their abilities. They can help restore your confidence following illness or injury.

Occupational therapists can prescribe devices and therapy equipment that further enables you to safely and independently participate in the activities that you want and need to. Our team can assist you in your home, the community or in one of our clinics.

Our team are experts in assisting people to transition from hospital back to their own homes and community. They can work with you or your loved one to:

  • Ensure a safe home environment
  • Develop innovative ways to manage daily activities
  • Address cognition and memory difficulties
  • Improve function following stroke or other neurological conditions
  • Increase your overall independence
  • manage vascular oedma

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