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Physiotherapists are experts in assessing and treating people with pain, stiffness or injury. They work closely with you to treat your pain and improve your ability to move and function effectively. At Ramsay Health Plus, our physiotherapists want to help you return to the active lifestyle you enjoy.

Physiotherapists use scientific evidence to guide the examination and treatment of people with a wide range of conditions affecting muscles, joints, balance, coordination, the nervous system and your heart and lungs.

Our physiotherapists want to understand the main reasons you have requested their help. They will initially ask you some simple questions about your pain, activity levels and the goals you want to achieve. They will perform a range of tests to help develop a treatment plan designed specifically to meet your needs.

A combination of techniques will generally be required to help you achieve your goals. Your physiotherapist will also provide you with some exercises and advice to follow between consultations. They will continue to re-assess you throughout your treatment program, upgrading you along the way.

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