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Psychologists work with people to build life skills, manage mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Clinical Psychologists play a valuable role in assisting individuals to manage other life challenges such as relationship problems, eating disorders, the effects of chronic illness or a the effects of significant change in one’s circumstance.  The psychologist's purpose in rehabilitation is to rapidly assess the individual and offer treatment such as adjustment counselling, cognitive behavioural Therapy, mindfulness, or relaxation.

Clinical Neuropsychologists are psychologists who specialise in the detailed assessment of cognition and behaviour associated with brain injury or disease and in providing strategies to reduce the impact of cognitive problems on everyday function.

The neuropsychology assessment involves a comprehensive objective measure of function across a broad range of cognitive domains using specialised test materials (pencil and paper, Q&A).

Some of the skills assessed may include:

  • Attention and concentration

  • Speed of information processing

  • Memory and new learning

  • Visuospatial ability

  • Planning, organizing and problem solving

  • Reasoning and decision making

  • Initiation and regulating behaviour  

These assessments assist in understanding if or how an individual’s cognition impacts upon their day to day functioning, and guides ongoing rehabilitation needs, as well as providing an objective measure of recovery over time.

The neuropsychological assessment is used to identify cognitive strengths and weaknesses which will assist in rehabilitation planning and goal setting, as well as planning for return to work, education and/or other everyday activities.

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